Company policy
Kavoshjoosh Tehran Company is one of the leading companies in the steel and metal industry, including quality control and inspection of welding and non-destructive test, which  go obtain proper place at the national level - regional and global, and effort to play a worthy role , by providing accurate, reliable and timely satisfy employers.  
Company management by accurate and expertise definition of project and good quality management, as well as the optimal demands, intends to increase quality and quantity of projects. Thus select the first step in establishing a quality management system in the organization in development of excellence and continuous improvement, the standard model ISO - 9001-2000... and choose the following objectives :
1-Customer: We believe our customers are the main assets of the company. So we try to achieve the highest degree of satisfaction.
2- Create and identify opportunities, domestic and international projects and plans , efforts to effectively participate in their implementation in order to achieve the status of a Developer  .
3- Continuous improvement of the efficiency of the company with an emphasis on the following topics:
- Qualified and skilled human resources
- Advanced and Updated technology
-Optimization techniques implemented
-Organizational effectiveness
4- Training to facilitate the creation of a culture of doing the right thing in conformity with ISO – 9001-2000 standards.
5- Compliance with the requirements:
We treat all customer requirements(legal, national and international of our organizations) and try to confirm our performance to them.
Management, is committed  to the system and by greater use of modern scientific management methods and tools, try to remove all obstacles in the way of endless quality system, relying on empathy and sympathy and cooperation of all employees .
Kavoshjoosh Tehran Company CEo
Syed A.Hossein Golsorkhi
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