* construction of Hydroelectric power plant projects related to in Gotwand of Austria Employer: Mapna (Pars generator)

*Manufacturing Hydroelectric power plant Karun 4 under license of Alstom company of Sweden Employer: Mapna (Pars generator)




* Manufacturing hydroelectric Equipment of GE Canada project, the employer: Mapna (generator Pars)

* Manufacturing 3 thermal power plant equipment units of German Siemens, Employer: Mapna (generator Pars)


* Manufacturing 5 units of thermal power plant equipment of Ansaldo in Italy, Employer: Mapna (generator Pars)

* Fabrication and welding stator powe plant facilities and generator nuclearwith 10 units ordered by the Department of Energy, the employer: (Pars Generator)




* Construction of facilities to install equipment of power * Building Meco electric containers, employer, the employer:Mapnagahy, employer Mapna compamy (generator Pars) * Modification of the body and installing the roofs of 15 containers of 9th phase plant in Asalooye


* construction of zinc reservoir on the dimensions 6.5 × 1 × 1m for production lone of Mehr galvanization , Employer: Mehr Tavan Gosil Company * Building six pressure reservoirs, Employer: Renovation company of the maufacturing industry of livestock and poultry equipment



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