* Making and welding Petrochemical facilities of Asalooye (KTI furnaces) with a volume of about 1,000 tons and refinery pressure vessel - Employer: supervised by Italian company and Sazeh company (working with Farasaz company)


* Construction and installation of fuel storage reservoir of Yazd power plant with the volume 20/000/000 litres Employer: development company Iran's power plant industries supervised by Mashanir Making and istalling in Yazd solar power plant


Making Panel walls related to 14-13 and 21-20 phases in Asalooye Employer: Mapna Boiler company

*Making refinery equipment (exhaust and piping operations) Eployer:Nosaz San'at company

Reservoirs and equipment cement factories Projects including Hegmatan cement , Abyek cement, Urmia cement


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