Running three-block skeleton of 17-floor Kosar towers with the volume of about 2000 tons in Lashkarak street Employer: Pars Garma company


Building the 20-floor tower of housing cooperative of Department of Housing Employer: Department of Housing and Urban Development *Making the facilities of L90 factory of Pars Khodro company Employer: Farasaz company



Building hospice of of Imam Khomeini garrison on 5 floors Employer: Vice president of Design and Development of joint headquarters of Iran militery *Making 3 units of silos of Damavand power plant Employer: Jihad of silo development company

Making up to 5 buildings of 7 to 10 floors in Tehran Employer: individuals * Construction of up to 2,000 tons of power plant structures entirely bolt and nut Employer: firms of Mapna Pars and Mapna Boiler



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