Kavoshjoosh Tehran Co.

Providing technical & engineering inspection equipment, including:

- Diagnostic ultrasound devices with different models (made in UK, Taiwan, Germany,..) zero transducers

-Degree and angle to cover the entire spectrum troubleshooting, types of calibration block , connector cristal wires and cables, and all accessories with a valid warranty and support the long term, the possibility of free advice on choosing System User

- Paint Thickness Gauge of 1 to 1000 microns, foil calibration, surface roughness tester.

- all Materials and consumables equipment for magnetic particle testing,. Yuk magnet, the UV lamp

- Industrial radiography equipment , gamma cameras and accessories (Guide tube, collimator Karnak.) Parts.

- Karnak, Darkroom equipment , 0-60minute clock. Viewer thermometer in various aspects By warranty. Densitometer, Lead letters and numbers meter. Types of welding gauge to control the welding process, Magnifying glass types, types of flashlights for visual inspection and….

- All kind of fluorescent and normal sprays for liquid penetrate testing

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